We Believe

Our mission is to bring together community activists, public service workers, and faith-based advocates to save and reform health and human services by promoting accountable, accessible, and responsive humane community services to all.

We fight privatization, service cuts, public aid office closure/consolidation, and the degradation of social services.

- All persons deserve dignity, respect and access to services that meet basic human needs.

- Our state and our country are not broke- but our economy has been broken by decades of corporate and Wall Street Greed, and attacks on working families and the vulnerable.

- The "austerity" approach-balancing budgets on the backs of the poor and workers, while continuing tax breaks to the rich- is misguided, unnecessary and immoral.

- It is time to put the "Human" back in human and community services, and reverse the tendency towards privatization, cutting services, closing/consolidating offices and turning social service into an assembly line.

- People that use/need public services- schools, health and human services, transit, etc.- should have a powerful, organized voice in how and where those services are delivered.

- Public services are an essential part of a civilized society. Privatization and the "austerity agenda" undermine the government's directive to "promote the general welfare".

- Racism, sexism, and attacks on immigrants and unions must not divide us.

- Consumers, community advocates, and public employee unions must stand together to oppose threats and work together for a robust, responsive, fully staffed and accessible public welfare system that Illinois can be proud of.


Let’s put "Human" back in Human Services


 We hope to bring together those in the community to ensure that all persons deserve dignity, respect, and access to services that meet basic human needs. 


More than 1 Million people in Illinois depend on Public Human Services for food and basic healthcare.

recent programs

Our City-Wide Community Public forum recently was featured on local news media  and our volunteer were interviewed on Labor Beat. 

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