Let’s put "Human" 

back in Services

Alliance members set priority campaigns each year.           See links below to get involved.

Higher Education:  Chicago City Colleges: 

Democracy & Accountability at Chicago City Colleges -- an elected Board

would be more responsive to our needs: 

Restore classroom hours, and the commitment to poor, immigrant and

working class communities.

Click here to support a voice for teachers & students.


Medicare for All                                                         Expand

                                                                                        Social Security

Click here to oppose                                                                                                        Click here

Medicare privatization


Disability Justice

Improve Emergency response

Tell FEMA to improve emergency response for people with disabilities,

especially those in congregate facilities: Click here.

Free Our People - End Institutional Bias

Tell President Biden to adopt person-centerd policies and a real transition

out of congregate nursing homes, into safer, community housing.


Fully Fund Public healthcare, education,

welfare, with Progressive revenue:

*  Restore public mental health clinics, and expand the civilian 'treatment not trauma' program

*  Restore Community Human Services (DHS/DRS) office closed by Rauner