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Let’s put "Human" back in Services

The Alliance for community services platform for the coming year includes several priority campaigns:

Tell Congress: 

Food Is FundAmental

Safeguard federal nutrition programs! 

End Trump's 'hunger games.'  Nobody should have

to choose between food and family

Drop proposed DHS rules banning

overtime for home services workers

People with disabilities and their caregivers are harmed by this proposal.

More info here.

- Fix the Glitches, and put 'Human'

into services

Computer glitches (from private contractor Deloitte), lack of staffing, 'inhumane'

assembly-lines, and privatization of parts of the Medicaid program cause tens of

thousands of eligible families to lose Medicaid and food stamps.

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- Improve service and accountability: enough caseworkers, assigned to people not tasks, to give every consumer the time and services they deserve

- Fully Fund Public healthcare, education,

welfare, with Progressive revenue:

*  tax "LaSalle Street" Financial Transactions

*  Enact A graduated rate income tax