Tell Congress: 

Food Is FundAmental

Safeguard federal nutrition programs! 

Add your organization to the sign-on letter to

the President and Congress, by March 1.

Drop proposed DHS rules banning

overtime for home services workers

People with disabilities and their caregivers are harmed by this proposal.

More info here.

- Stop RuLes that will Wrongfully

    deny Benefits 

Due to 'inhumane' assembly-lines, shortage of caseworkers, and privatization

of parts of the Medicaid program, tens of thousands of eligible families are

denied Medicaid coverage and food stamps.  The IL Dept. Of Human

Services (DHS) is proposing new rules that will make winning an appeal,

even for eligible persons, very difficult.  The new rules won't even require an 'impartial' hearing.

Click here to download a petition.  Alliance member groups are also pushing for consumer-friendly administrative rules for overtime pay for personal assistants, Determination of Need (DON) scores and restoring caseworkers assigned to people, not tasks.

- Improve service and accountability: enough caseworkers, assigned to people not tasks, to give every consumer the time and services they deserve

- End the State budget standoff, with

Progressive revenue increases for

needed public services:

*  tax "LaSalle Street" Financial Transactions

*  Ending 'toxic' interest rate swaps

* Closing corporate Tax Loopholes

* A graduated income tax (constitutional Amendment needed)

The Alliance for community services platform for the coming year includes several priority campaigns:

Let’s put "Human" back in Human Services

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