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those in need

The Alliance for Community Services brings together people that depend on human services, front-line public service workers -- the real experts on how our Human Services system works -- to "put the HUMAN into services".  

Together, we call for:

*  health care and human services for all

*  person-centered, fully staffed and accountable human service offices

* progressive revenue to fully fund a social safety net Illinois can be proud of. 

Let’s put "Human" back in Services

The Alliance brings together people with disabilities, low income families and front-line service workers to resist threats, identify common ground and put the 'Human' back in Human services.



More than 3 Million people in Illinois depend on Medicaid and other Human Services for basic medical care and food. Click here to learn more about our Campaigns and Volunteer opportunity.

// ADAPT // AFSCME Locals 2858, 2806, 3506  //  IMPRUVE  //

// Retirees Chapter 161 // Northside Action for Justice (NA4J) //

// Progress Center for Independent Living //

// Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP) //

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