Two State actions:

1)  Restore North Lakefront Services

Click here to add your name   to the open letter from community leaders, urging re-opening of a Human Services office for the diverse communities of Uptown, Rogers Park, Edgwater areas.

2)  Tell Gov. Pritzker to fix the DHS computer glitches   causing wrongful loss of Medicaid and food stamps, and hire enough staff to do the work. (847) 957-7838 (business hours only) 


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The People Project

The non-profit sponsor of the Alliance, dedicated to helping people turn a passion for justice into the power to change the world.

Taking action for cleaner, safer service offices

The Alliance brings together people with disabilities, low income families and front-line service workers to resist threats, identify common ground and put the 'Human' back in Human services.



Let’s put "Human" back in Services

Northside Action for Justice

AFSCME Locals 2858, 2806, 3506


Southside Together Organizing for Power

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Our Mission

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More than 3 Million people in Illinois depend on Medicaid and other Human Services for basic medical care and food. Click here to learn more about our Campaigns and Volunteer opportunity.

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The Alliance for Community Services brings together people that depend on human services, front-line public service workers -- the real experts on how our Human Services system works -- to "put the HUMAN into services".  

Together, we call for:

*  health care and human services for all

*  person-centered, fully staffed and accountable human service offices

* progressive revenue to fully fund a social safety net Illinois can be proud of.